May Your Day be as Bold as Michelle Williams Bold Striped Dress


Michelle William is officially the street style queen

working with J. Bolin , she has been able to update her style and now she slays honey like she has been able to get clothes of her body type .


this dress just brightens up your day  with the bold stripes and bold words and the slit just took it to another whole new level.


Irene Kiwia Jeans style tips

She is a woman who many women, girls look up, she is one among the people who motivate women to be empowered through TWAA Tanzania women of  Achievement Awards.

Well that is a little about her but she also is good in style though she says what she wears is on  fashion to her,meaning she does not follow trends .

We love her office looks but lets look on her casual style,especially how she style her skinny jeans .


1.You can ditch your sneakers and go for oxford shoes

we all know easy flat shoes most people wear with jeans are sneakers but learn from Irene you can look so good in a chiffon top,ripped jeans and lace up oxford shoes.


2.Make you cropped blazer as top

sometimes you just need a statement piece, and we love how Irene turned her cropped blazer to a top and went so well with her look.


3.Add print

Yesssssss to the prints, they brighten out day, like these Leopard prints loafers and you can never go wrong with this print


4.Give your jeans an office like look with a white shirt and a blazer

hope you liked the tips

how do you style your jeans??

Best look: Kitenge short and bomber jacket

well    well   well

over sized shorts have never looked this good, i have never seen but the fashionista is                                                                rocking it in them

she proves to us prints were made to be mixed


look at her bomber jacket too she wore it as a top


and finished off her look with white ankle strap sandals and white bag.